August 2017

Implementation of Lexacom Cloud continues

There are currently 15 practices that have joined the Lexacom cloud and we have been able to secure significant discounts on yearly memberships, mobile dictation and new or replacement equipment. We are looking to roll this out further to interested practices.   Lexacom cloud is a cloud based digital dictation service that allows several practices to be contained within one database.  It integrates with the clinical system to pull the patient details through saving time for the GP.

Lexacom provides digital dictation and connects to the patients demographic data within EMIS. Dictations are sent electronically to the Secretary and can be tracked to grade by urgency i.e. 2 week wait or routine etc .

We are also trialling voice recognition software, this types the letter for the secretary’s saving on workload.  As amendments are made the software starts to recognise the spoken word from a particular GP .  This requires some initial time, however feedback has been very positive.

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