September 2017

£25,000 funding secured for Primary Care Resilience!

South Cheshire and Vale Royal GP Alliance has been successful in securing £25,000 funding from NHS England following a bid focussing on GP resilience.  We must now develop at pace a proposition that will deliver practical solutions to the real problems that practices within our Alliance face, such as:

  1. Recruitment and retention of GPs,
  2. The potential development of a shared nursing workforce, or a nursing infrastructure.
  3. New workforce models – supporting the work we are doing on PA’s, Pharmacists, urgent care practitioners etc.
  4. The delivery of a range of shared services including both back office and clinical services
  5. The development of a shared service model to deliver Extended Access utilising our tried and tested Hub model.
  6. The development of a shared learning and development approach.
  7. The development of Hub based Services particularly to support the access, capacity, and demand issues faced by our practices.
  8. The development of Hub based services to address the rise in Non-Elective Admission to our acute hospital.
  9. Local diagnostic services.
  10. Local service solutions – e.g. direct access Physiotherapy.


We now need to work at pace to work up this scheme, ensuring local leadership and engagement across the Alliance.

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