About Us

The South Cheshire and Vale Royal GP Alliance is a non-for-profit organisation setup to improve services for its member practices, patients and to help the sustainability and transformation of General Practice.

Our aim is to improve services for our patients and help develop strong, robust high quality practices that are at the centre of the local health economy and leading the formation of an accountable care system.

Our Goals

  • To support our practices while allowing them to maintain identity & independence
  • To help win bids and bring in new income into primary care
  • To help our practices achieve the benefits of working at scale
  • To represent our practices as providers in the wider health economy

Our Priorities

To work with the CCG’s:

  • To continue to deliver high quality general practice in the climate of reducing budgets. This may include sharing back office functions, pooled working, finding new sources of income, joint procurements etc.
  • To reduce variability between our practices
  • To improve access for our patients
  • To help look at risk of pooling and sharing of budgets
  • To be innovative in terms of IT and funding streams
  • To represent General Practice at provider boards
  • To deliver some provider led commissioning
  • To work with our partners on alliance contracting or lead provider options
  • To set up a research network
  • To work with companies wanting to test or trial their products in a Primary Care Environment
  • To help educate, inform and upskill our member GPs and other clinicians

The South Cheshire and Vale Royal GP Alliance is a company limited by guarantee, registered at Companies House under the name SC&VR Alliance.

Its articles state it is a not-for-profit membership organisation. It currently has 29 member practices (all practices within South Cheshire and Vale Royal).

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