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This initiative is provided in conjunction with Pathways Community Interest Company, a third sector organisation, and covers the whole of the South Cheshire and Vale Royal GP Alliance.

The programme is designed as a single point of access service to wider community provision to support patient’s wellbeing where the issues are of a non-medical nature e.g. social isolation, financial difficulties, housing concerns etc.

GP Practices can refer to this service where patients are assigned an individual case manager who will provide tailored support dependent on their needs, working with the patient to improve their health and wellbeing. Patients can also self-refer.

This service benefits patients as it assists them in focussing on the root cause problem which may previously have resulted in the use of medication at times when people are feeling low and depressed.

Project Funding

Prime Ministers Challenge Fund (now PCAF)

Project Implementation Date

2015 and ongoing (funding confirmed for 2017 / 2018)

Practices in the Project

Available to all practices. Between 1 st April 2017 – 31 st July 2017, 27 of the 30 practices had referred at least once to this service.

Contribution to the High Impact Changes

This project contributes to the following HICs: - Active signposting - Social prescribing - Support self-care - Partnership working

Example 1
A practice referred a patient who was extremely anxious and who had not left the house for 18 months. With support of the service and IAPT, this patient has now achieved their goal of going out with increased confidence.

Example 2
A practice referred a patient with multiple health problems including COPD and diabetes. The service assisted with housing concerns which led to the required kitchen adaptations to improve their diet assisting in stabilising their diabetes. In addition, the adaptations enabled the patient to move around more easily and go out on a daily basis.

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