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Apex is a business intelligence tool designed specifically for GP practices that extracts data directly from the Practice EMIS system and presents valuable information around patient population, demand, capacity and activity in a meaningful and easy to digest suite of dashboards and reports.

It is recognised that whilst there are lots of clinical audit tools available, a tool is required to help general practice analyse and report on activity in a way that helps operational management.

The system is focussed on providing information which enables individual practices to improve services, efficiency and productivity.
Examples of this include:

  • Monitors ‘did not attend’ rates, appointment flows and staff output with a clinician activity dashboard that helps practices to understand who is doing what type of work;
  • Supports the day to day logistics of planning and managing appointment capacity to meet population demands;
  • Monitors and reports on extended access initiatives, to improve patient access and evaluate outcome based metrics on service utilisation.

Enterprise views are available within Apex to enable practices, Care Communities and
Federations to benchmark and develop collaborative initiatives. Ongoing support is provided to practices to ensure that they maximise the benefits of the Apex system.

Project Funding

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Project Implementation Date

Full rollout to all 30 practices across South Cheshire and Vale Royal GP Alliance (SC&VR GPA) during 2017.

Practices in the Project

The system was offered to all 30 practices (at no cost) in early 2017. As at August 2017, 29 practices from across SC&VR GP Alliance are signed up to using the system and have this installed. The roll out of the system, including training, continues to be undertaken by project management support led by SC&VR GP Alliance.

Contribution to the High Impact Changes

This project contributes to the following HICs: - Reduce DNAs - Productive Workflows - Personal Productivity

There are a number of initiatives underway that Apex will help to support across South Cheshire and Vale Royal, and the following are examples of how the product has already been put to use:

  • 21 practices are using Apex to submit their monthly PMAF extended hours submissions, saving valuable time
  • 15 practices have signed up to share data at Enterprise level, providing useful benchmarking data to Care Communities and the GP Alliance
  • Practices have used the data from Apex during Care Quality Commission visits to provide evidence of access and capacity
  • Practices have used the data to extract DNA and other data to share with patient panels and at practice meetings
  • Practices have used the capacity and demand data to inform workforce planning decisions


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