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Big White Wall is an online mental health service which is designed to help people get support, take control and feel better. It provides 24/7 peer and professional support (with trained counsellors online at all times), plus a range of wellbeing tools to help people self-manage common mental health problems, such as work-related stress, anxiety and relationship difficulties.

Big White Wall was launched across South Cheshire and Vale Royal in July 2017, providing free online support to all patients aged 16 and over. Patients can be referred by a health care professional or can self-refer into the service; all they need to do is visit and enter their postcode to register.

Project Funding

This project was funded through the Estates, Technology and Transformation Funds (ETTF).

Project Implementation Date

The service was launched in July 2017 across South Cheshire and Vale Royal.

Practices in the Project

The service is available to all patients registered at a South Cheshire or Vale Royal practice, aged 16 and over. During the first 2 months of the project the uptake of the service has exceeded our projections, with over 100 patients registering to use the service.

Contribution to the High Impact Changes

This project contributes to the following HICs: - Support Self Care - Active Signposting

The general feedback from practices during the initial demonstration and engagement phase is extremely positive and it is envisaged that this service will assist practices with capacity to support patients who are awaiting appointments with trained professionals. Over the coming months as the service is embedded, feedback will be obtained from practices who have referred patients into the service.

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