Data Sharing Review

A review of all electronic data sharing agreements that are in place across South Cheshire and Vale Royal GP Alliance to determine:

  • Whether the system is still live i.e. is this a historic Data Sharing Agreement (DSA)
  • Is it still fit for purpose?
  • Has this been reviewed? If so, when?
  • Is the paper data sharing agreement still valid or in need of review?

Project Funding

No additional funding has been secured for this project; this is being undertaken as part of core business.

Project Implementation Date

This project was passed to SC&VR GP Alliance from the local CCGs, and whilst the project has been slow to implement, several DSA’s have been able to be deactivated as a result of this work. This is an ongoing project as more services become active.

Practices in the Project

All practices within South Cheshire & Vale Royal GP Alliance.

Contribution to the High Impact Changes

This project contributes to the following HICs: - Develop the team - Productive work flows - Partnership working

Practices have welcomed the reduction and simplification of data sharing agreements.  Initially there were over 30 data sharing agreements, some of which had been set up but never activated.

This has reduced slightly, however has also prompted stakeholders to look at their data sharing agreements and ask for support from the GP Alliance with engagement with practices.

The long-term aim is to have 1 single data sharing agreement that all parties i.e. Secondary, Primary and Social Care providers sign up to which lists what is to be shared in each component of the record.  This would be regularly reviewed and would sit within the Primary Care Charter.

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