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An initial pilot of 10 practices using digital photographs, that can be taken with a phone and uploaded to a secure platform. The pictures of a suspicious mole or skin lesion or problematic area that hasn’t responded to treatment or a GP isn’t sure how to treat and would usually make a referral. The photograph is taken from 12 inches and 4 inches away and, a brief description is given and then uploaded. A unique reference is given. Notification is then sent to advise that the photograph has been assessed by a consultant. This can be obtained by entering the secure code onto the ‘first derm’ secure platform.

This is now also live in Winsford who have purchased dermatoscopes for all Winsford practices.

Project Funding

IT initiatives funding

Project Implementation Date


Practices in the Project

10 practices involved in initial pilot.

Contribution to the High Impact Changes

This project contributes to the following HICs: - New consultation types - Productive work flows

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