EMIS Enterprise Search & Reports (ES&R)

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The EMIS Enterprise Search and Reports is used to run anonymised searches across the South Cheshire and Vale Royal GP Alliance. Where practices are being asked to provide complicated figures from search and reporting, the Alliance will run these searches on their behalf and provide the figures reducing the amount of administrative work for practice staff.

Enterprise search and reports allows practice data to be interrogated remotely. Data is pseudonymised and practices have signed data sharing agreements to allow reports to be obtained. Data is aggregate and therefore will show only numbers.

At present, no practice has signed up for higher than ‘anonymised’ searches.

Project Funding

This has an annual licence subscription. At present, this is funded by the South Cheshire and Vale Royal GP Alliance.

Project Implementation Date


Practices in the Project

All South Cheshire / Vale Royal and East Cheshire Practices are signed up to share data with EMIS ES&R. It is also used by the Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) / Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) / GP Alliance.

Contribution to the High Impact Changes

This project contributes to the following HICs: - Productive work flows

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