GP Locum Platform

South Cheshire & Vale Royal GP Alliance and North Staffordshire GP Federation have designed a local GP Locum Bank to fulfil the needs of GP Practices to fill locum sessions.  

Our GP Locum Bank has been created as follows: and launched in January 2018.  

Our vision primarily is to develop a local GP Locum Bank to support GP Practices to secure locum sessions to fulfil their needs along with building a supply of high calibre available GP locums. 

Project Funding

This GP Platform was initially designed and launched to support the delivery of the GP Career Plus Scheme, with funding from NHS England. This Platform has now been extended to include a Locum bank.

Project Implementation Date

January 2018

Practices in the Project

All GP Practices across South Cheshire and Vale Royal and North Staffordshire who decide to take part in the scheme will benefit from acquiring GP locums.

Contribution to the High Impact Changes

This project contributes to the following HICs: • Developing the Team • Partnership Working

  • Retaining clinicians on flexible terms
  • Helping to sustain primary care;
  • Increasing the medical workforce numbers in primary care;
  • Attracting new workforce to our local health economy
  • Adding skill mix, with standardised minimum expertise, within primary care;
  • Act in an enabling role, helping to reduce the primary care healthcare team’s workload;
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Working With Us