Patient Health Kiosks

Patient Health Kiosk

The purpose of the Health monitor is to encourage patients to take responsibility for their own health care by making use of the facilities in practice.

The health monitor is currently on trial in two GP practices.  The kiosk can:

  • measure height
  • measure weight
  • calculate Body Mass Index
  • measure blood pressure
  • measure pulse rate

The machine offers easy to follow step by step on screen instructions.  At the end of the measurement a ticket is printed, and this can be given to the receptionist to be entered onto the patient record or taken in with the patient to their appointment.

When a patient arrives for their appointment they can be directed to use the Health monitor for opportunist screening.   This will free up clinician time and promote patient independence and self-care.

Recent developments will allow a health questionnaire to be completed by the patient and measurements can then be fed directly back into the patients record, saving even further time for the practice.

Project Funding

Several other practices within the CCGs have expressed interest in this equipment and the GP Alliance is pulling together a bid to aid with the purchase of equipment.

Project Implementation Date

Piloted during the summer of 2017.

Practices in the Project

Initially piloted across 2-3 practices.

Contribution to the High Impact Changes

This project contributes to the following HICs: - Productive workflows - Support self-care

The Health monitor has been very well received by both patients and practices especially in one of our more deprived areas.  Patients seem keen to use the equipment.  The 2 negatives to date have been height restrictions (up to 200cms) and replacement of paper.  Whilst the height limit on the machine cannot be easily fixed, the implementation of integration into the clinical system will resolve the replacement paper.

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