Primary Care Access Hub

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The Primary Care Access Hub (PCAH) is delivered from Dene Drive Primary Care Centre in Winsford, with GP and Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) appointments for patients registered at any South Cheshire & Vale Royal practice which has a data sharing agreement in place with the Hub.

The aim is to ensure that these additional appointments are used to the benefit of our local patients for problems that cannot wait until the following Monday (i.e. not for routine consultations).

The route into a PCAH appointment for patients will only be via NHS111, although a delay in engagement by NHS111 has meant that we launched the service by opening appointments to local practices to book directly for their own patients with a need for an urgent appointment on a Friday, but for whom they didn’t have an appointment available.

Key elements of the model are:
1. Appointments only appropriate for patients who have given consent for their GP record to be viewed by the PCAH.
2. Hub appointments will be 15 minutes long and sessions are 9am to 12noon on
Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays, with GPs and ANPs.

Project Funding

Prime Ministers Access Fund (PMAF)

Project Implementation Date

June 2017 – to run as a 6-month pilot.

Practices in the Project

For all practices who have activated the Data Sharing Agreement with the Primary Care Access Hub, which is ALL the PMAF practices and some of the non-PMAF Practices. Currently 24 practices have signed data sharing agreements.

Contribution to the High Impact Changes

This project contributes to the following HICs: - New consultation types

The service went live at the beginning of June 2017 and to date a total of 13 practices have made appointments for their patients at one or more of the sessions. The majority of practices who have participated have understandably been from the Winsford area, but there have been appointments given to patients from South Cheshire also. Over 140 consultations have been held, despite the restrictions to the original service model.

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