Remote Access Working

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GPs having access to their patients’ medical record no matter where they are, supports the ‘paper free at point of care by 2020’ and Local Digital Roadmap ambitions.

Access to a secure encrypted laptop with access to the full GP clinical system and a portable printer to enable prescribing at remote locations will reduce GP paper copies of a summary version of a patients’ record, and prescription pads. This will provide a real-time access EMIS GP medical record.

This will also build on previous funding via Tech fund 2 and give access to the Cheshire Care Record providing access to laptops

Project Funding

IT Initiatives Funding

Project Implementation Date

July 2017 - 2 laptops trialled with phase 1 commencing August 2017 providing 1 laptop per practice.

Practices in the Project

All practices across South Cheshire and Vale Royal.

Contribution to the High Impact Changes

This project contributes to the following HICs: - Productive workflows - Personal productivity

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