Research / Clinical Trials across a Federation

Research & Clinical Trials across a Federation

To setup a Research Network across the Federation.

  • To increase income to practices;
  • To provide a clinical interest different from the day job for clinicians wanting to engage with such;
  • To develop new skills / experience in the workforce;
  • To engage in clinical trials so that our population is represented;
  • To help ensure that studies are relevant to primary care;
  • To improve patient satisfaction of their practices; and
  • To improve the care for patients – both those on trials and those in practices who gain the above.

The NHS is looking for more practices to take part in research and for more patients to be recruited onto studies. Studies can be anything from MSC projects to large international RCTs of new drugs.

We have won CRN funding for a 4/5 WTE Nurse to work with practices to:

  1. Upskill them regarding clinical trials in general.
  2. Help them advertise and recruit patients into studies run by local research centres.
  3. Provide training and support to any staff wanting to know more about research.

The nurse will be hosted by Ashfields on a fixed term contract and administratively supported by the A/K team and supervised by Dr Paul. They will either undertake trials in the practice with Dr Paul as PI or a local GP as PI depending on the study, or recruit patients into studies done by others – inc Ashfields Primary Care Centre / Kiltearn Surgery or others.

Regular review meetings will be held with the nurse and the CRN to make sure our objectives are being met. Regular newsletter updates will be published.

Project Funding

CRN NW Costal & Ashfields / Kiltearn

Project Implementation Date

Active now.

Practices in the Project

At present, there are 19 research active GP practices (including Ashfields and Kiltearn) working alongside the Alliance Research project.

Contribution to the High Impact Changes

This project contributes to the following HICs: - Brings in new income - Can divert some patient groups away from GPs - Improves work/life balance - Brings new skills/equipment/helps working at scale

  • Several practices have taken part at various levels.
  • Some have allowed adverts and invites to go out to patients.
  • Some have actively recruited patients themselves
  • Several GPs have attended training sessions

KPIs of number of practices taking part and number of patients recruited has gone up.

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