Retiring GPs Scheme

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We recognise that the position across practices in South Cheshire and Vale Royal is critical. GP Career Plus is a centrally designed scheme developed to make it easy for recently retired (or soon to retire) GPs, or GPs who are thinking of leaving the profession to undertake sessional work across the local health economy. The Alliance has been chosen to be one of 11 sites for this scheme across the country.
This scheme enables us to develop flexible and supportive positions to retain GP skills and experience within our practices or in other roles within the Alliance or health economy. The sessional
work can be any work normally undertaken by a GP – this could be:
– Sessional work in a practice,
– Work on one of the Alliance schemes (i.e. the Winsford Primary Care Access Hub)
– CCG Clinical leadership projects or Alliance clinical leadership projects,
– Education and peer support.
The scheme offers incentives to GPs joining such as payment of indemnity fees; support to ensure the GP can meet revalidation and appraisal requirements; funding and access to appropriate support
services such as Occupational Health. In addition, GPs will be salaried and therefore will not be required to establish companies, pay accountants etc.

Project Funding

Successful NHS England bid.

Project Implementation Date

Project commenced May 2017.

Practices in the Project

Open to all GPs and practices across South Cheshire and Vale Royal practices. The scheme will utilise a purpose-built web-based ‘matching platform’ to enable our GPs to select sessional work and practices to advertise their requirements.

Contribution to the High Impact Changes

This project contributes to the following HICs: - Develop the team

Currently in the pilot stage.

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