Video Consultations

Man having a video conference with a doctor on a laptop

This project aims to expand the integrated products within EMIS that will enable secure
integrated patient care working with existing devices and with our GP system of choice
clinical supplier.

  • GPs can manage the number of video consultations
  • Select the most appropriate patients who would benefit from the service through EMIS Risk Stratification tool
  • Patients can schedule appointments at times they would usually be unable to, whether from home or even in the office.
  • Patient can access the consultation from any connected device via patient access or a URL link sent by the GP

Project Funding

Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) Project.

Project Implementation Date

Pilot during 2017.

Practices in the Project

Currently being trialled at Hungerford Surgery.

Contribution to the High Impact Changes

This project contributes to the following HICs: - New consultation types

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Working With Us