Winsford Primary Care Home (Team Winsford)

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Primary Care Home is a National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) brand and model that promotes collaboration of practices and wider partners and stakeholders to improve population health and well-being.  There are four key characteristics that make up a primary care home:

  • an integrated workforce, with a strong focus on partnerships spanning primary, secondary and social care;
  • a combined focus on personalisation of care with improvements in population health outcomes;
  • aligned clinical and financial drivers through a unified, capitated budget with appropriate shared risks and rewards; and
  • provision of care to a defined, registered population of between 30,000 and 50,000.

Project Funding

There was a small amount of money from NAPC to support small schemes and for project management and clinical leadership time. Winsford Primary Care Home were also successful in bidding for other funds for specific projects e.g. Children and young people mental health scheme and teledermatology.

Project Implementation Date

Winsford was approved as a Primary Care Home rapid test site in December 2015.

Practices in the Project

All 5 Winsford practices; High Street, Launceston Close, Swanlow, Weaver Vale, Willow Wood.

Contribution to the High Impact Changes

This project contributes to the following HICs: - Develop the team - Partnership working

Winsford Primary Care Home logic model identified a number of priorities and developments. They included:

  • Development of teledermatology for the registered population (currently being piloted);
  • A Winsford based community heart failure service (November 2017);
  • Physiotherapy First Contact Practitioner service (currently in 2 practices);
  • Improving outcomes for patients with Diabetes (new pathway and local integrated primary and secondary care clinic);
  • Integration of health and social care community teams with Winsford practices;
  • Improving health and well-being of the registered population via partnership working.  Improved working with the town and county council, and third sector via the health and well-being hub and a town based lung health (cancer) awareness campaign.
  • Increased smoking cessation clinics; and
  • New young people mental health and well-being service based in Weaver Vale practice.

There are other pipeline developments and projects within Winsford Primary Care Home.  They all aim to benefit the registered population by improving local services to improve health and well-being outcomes.

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